Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does your company charge any fees or commissions? 

No. We are simply buying your house. There are no Realtor commissions and no fees. You make money (or get out from under an overly leveraged home) by selling to us. We make money by paying to fix up the home and selling it for a profit or renting it. We assume the risk that the property may not be profitable, while you are free to walk away cash in hand.

Question: Will my house be listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

Answer: No. That service is for paid Realtors to find buyers for homes, or homes for buyers. We are the buyer so there is no need to use the MLS.

Question: Will I have to show my house to potential buyers? 

Answer: No. Since we are the buyers we are the only ones who will need to see the property.

Questions: Can I get an offer from your company without obligation? 

Answer: Yes. Fill out our Free No Obligation Bid and we’ll get back to you with an offer. In some situations we’ll want to see the property first but not always. Check out How This Works for more information.

Question: My house is in extremely poor condition. Can I still sell it? 

Answer: Yes, we buy homes in any condition.

Question: Will I need to clean my house or do any repairs? 

Answer: No. There is no need to clean or do any repairs, we buy as is.

Question: Can I fix my property myself and then sell it for more? 

Answer: Yes, and we can help with that too. CLICK HERE to visit Endurance Real Estate for more information.